About Us

Established in 2017, TyLuxe is a lifestyle brand dedicated solely to the comfort of luxury living. Our team’s keen eye, passion for interiors and love of textiles serves as the driving force behind the brand. We are your premiere source for women’s intimate apparel, luxury slippers and home décor.

 TyLuxe focuses on expressive style, affordability and the aesthetic needs of consumers nationwide. The boutique boasts exceptional value, awe-inspiring design ideas and the ability to consistently deliver high quality goods.

The TyLuxe team works effortlessly to increase our design selections and develop new trends that capture the experiences of an affluent lifestyle. We pride ourselves on excellence, craftsmanship and the ability to pair timeless style with bold, comfortable concepts.

We guarantee, that the “TyLife”, will not only appeal to your senses but also transform your home. Our ultimate goal is to deliver high performing products that speak to your soul.